A headset icon appeared on the phone. The headset icon on the phone is on, how to remove

  1. Why the headset icon is on the phone: the most common causes
  2. How to remove the headset icon on the phone
  3. Wireless headset issues
  4. Dust in the connector (the headset mode does not turn off)
  5. Problem in software
  6. Incompatible pinout
  7. The phone sees the headphones only the first 3-5 seconds
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Why does the headset indicator light up on the display, and is it worth trying to remove it yourself?

The earliest of the “advanced” phones differed from their predecessors in their wider multimedia capabilities. The moment when the mobile ceased to be a simple means of communication, and became a player of files of various formats, without exaggeration, turned the whole world.

Today, each user carries with him a whole archive of his favorite music, having access to it at any time. But there are some inconveniences, for example, images in the memory that are duplicated in the memory, which are tied to the tracks - a problem well known to music lovers.

And if you still can somehow remove the album covers from the gallery yourself, then some other problems confuse even experienced users. This is an icon that notifies the owner of the phone about connecting a headset. What if he suddenly appeared by himself on the display and does not disappear?

Why the headset icon is on the phone: the most common causes

This "glitch" worries owners of gadgets, not only for reasons of aesthetics. Indeed, besides the screen being clogged with unnecessary icons, the appearance of the icon is often accompanied by accompanying malfunctions. For example, all incoming calls are transferred to the hands-free mode. Or you will be heard only at the other “end of the wire”, you yourself cannot identify anything except silence in the dynamics.

Therefore, after the appearance of a picture of headphones (in the absence of it), consider whether this could have happened due to one of the following reasons:

  • moisture. This is the most common response to complaints about a constantly burning icon. Perhaps you have come under heavy rain, or have spilled something on the device - all this can lead to a similar failure;
  • connector socket contamination. During operation, we do not even think about how much dust penetrates into the gadget through the holes. Sometimes it sinks and sticks together in the mini-jack itself, as a result of which the contacts become dirty, deform and stop closing;
  • a fall or a blow - the most "difficult" cases that require contacting the service center;
  • inaccurately removing the headset from the socket — you did it at an angle, or sharply, by pulling on the wire, not on the plug (this can happen, for example, after connecting the speaker to the phone).

But sometimes the image with headphones appears even without the aforementioned reasons, for example, as a result of software failure. Is it possible to solve the problem without resorting to qualified assistance of the service department?

How to remove the headset icon on the phone

It should be noted that in case of suspected breakage of the 3.5 mm connector, no independent actions are strictly recommended. Indeed, many phone owners (in particular, the once-popular Nokia 6300, prone to such a crash) are willing to share tips on forums how to wipe dusty contacts, or how to pick them up.

Do not risk a gadget, the most correct decision is to contact a service center. This failure in most cases is repaired very quickly, and after a few hours you will be able to use the mobile phone again. And before you go to the workshop you can try out some harmless ways:

  • gently plug in and unplug the headphone plug several times. If it does not help, you can try not to insert it;
  • If the battery on the phone is removable, remove it for 10-20 seconds, and then turn on the device again;
  • sometimes it helps to install applications that switch the sound to the correct output automatically (for example, Toggleheadset in Play market for Android).

Usually these manipulations are enough for your mobile device started working fine. In the case of a serious breakdown, none of the above methods will help, and then, without delay, carry the phone to a service center. There, they will not only help you to repair the device, but also recommend, for example, a new firmware on the Fly FS504, which will make the smartphone less vulnerable for this kind of software failure.

Modern mobile gadgets have many additional accessories, the most popular of which are headphones. But what to do if Xiaomi does not see headphones? Often a situation happens when we connect the headset to the audio jack, but the smartphone does not detect them. Many users complain of a bad sound with interference, others have only one earpiece.

We will tell you the most basic causes of this problem, share tips that will help resolve this problem.

Wireless headset issues

People who have just purchased wireless headphones can not quite long connect wireless device to the smartphone. Some users think that headphones do not work, or something with Bluetooth on the phone.

In fact, everything is different: when you turn on the headset, you must go to “Search Bluetooth devices "On the smartphone and select the device to be connected so that the pairing between the gadgets happens. Simple activation of Bluetooth will not give a positive result.

Dust in the connector (the headset mode does not turn off)

Perhaps some people may find this reason ridiculous, but it is the place to be. If you rarely use headphones, then it is likely that your aux connector is dirty with dust or other debris. The main central contact of the plug may have a poor connection with the contact pad in the socket, as a result of which the phone does not recognize the connected headphones or, after disconnecting them, the headset mode does not turn off.

Try to gently clean the nest with a needle or mini screwdriver. Do this with the smartphone turned off to avoid a short circuit. This method is tested on Xiaomi Redmi 4 with the 7th version of the firmware.

Problem in software

Many users report that their devices have ceased to perceive the headset after updating the firmware on the 8th version. There are 2 solutions to the problem:

  • roll back to the old version;
  • Install Miui 8 with full formatting.

If you like the new firmware, and there is no desire to roll back, then just format the system data of the device and install new version firmware from scratch. This method helped a lot.

Incompatible pinout

There are 2 main standards for audio plug wiring: OMTP and CTIA. Each of these types always has three main contacts, and in the case of a headset - four. Most often, problems arise with a 4-pin headset. The fact is that the GND contact (common, ground) on the old pinout type - OMTP was the first (from the wire), then there was a microphone, a right earpiece and a left channel.

In the new type of pinout (CTIA), GND and microphone are reversed. Accordingly, if you use old headphones on a new device, they will not work for you. For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro does not see old OMTP headphones, the device is compatible only with new models of headsets.

The phone sees the headphones only the first 3-5 seconds

If, when connecting headphones, you see the corresponding icon in the status bar only for the first 3-5 seconds, and then the connection is interrupted, the following trick, invented by forum users, can help:

  1. Insert the headset until it stops
  2. The headphone icon should light up
  3. Then after 5-10 seconds, insert the headset until it stops

Surprisingly, but the fact is that such a manipulation really helps almost all users with this problem.


As you understand from the article, there are several reasons why a smartphone does not perceive the headset. Do not immediately panic and run to the service center for help. You can diagnose and fix the problem yourself. Experiment with headphones that the smartphone does not perceive on another device. Perhaps this particular model is incompatible with your gadget.

What if he suddenly appeared by himself on the display and does not disappear?
Is it possible to solve the problem without resorting to qualified assistance of the service department?
But what to do if Xiaomi does not see headphones?