How much is a private plane?

Interior of a luxury airplane with an orange-red sunset in the windows

The cost of a private plane depends on many factors. The first question when buying a private jet is to determine the size of the jet, which will be most convenient for you and meet all your needs.

Private jets come in a variety of sizes: small turboprop or light jets, medium or super medium size aircraft, heavy jets or luxury executive airliners.

The second important factor is the distance you will fly most often. For example, if you fly a long plane on a small plane, you will have to stop to refuel, which increases the cost of the flight and travel time. On the other hand, short flights on a large plane are quite expensive.

The next factor is whether you want a new or used aircraft. Here are examples of base prices for some private jet models:

  • Cessna Citation M2 - a light aircraft with a capacity of up to 7 people, in the new state costs about 260 million rubles;
  • The Learjet 75 is a popular medium-sized aircraft that can hold 9 passengers and costs about 770 million rubles;
  • Gulfstream G650 - ultra luxurious heavy aircraft for 10 passengers, has a base cost of about 3.7 billion rubles;
  • Bombardier Global 6000 (17 places) - 3.5 billion rubles.

An aircraft's lifespan is measured in flight hours and landings, rather than age, so private jets are often viable for decades. Many buyers prefer to buy used aircraft to cut costs. For example, the price for a used aircraft Cessna Citation M2 starts at 200 million rubles, and for a Learjet 75 aircraft - from 400 million rubles, for an used gulfstream g650 an average of 3.5 billion rubles will be requested and 2.9 billion for the Bombardier Global 6000.

The cost of a private jet is not all that you have to spend. Once the aircraft is purchased, the biggest expense for the owners becomes its maintenance, which can cost from hundreds of thousands to several billion rubles a year. The new aircraft is expensive, but complete with it is a full guarantee to cover any repair or replacement of parts during the first few years of ownership.

Additional costs for private jet owners include safety, insurance, fuel, hangar, pilot and crew salaries. And also, if you want to order a unique interior for your aircraft - it can cost you a ton of money, the luxury interior design of the aircraft costs about 5.7 billion rubles.