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Free instagram likes

Опубликовано: 20.06.2020

free instagram likes

If a cool thing is a prize, it’s best to have it in the photo. If this or that certificate is played out, the image may contain a symbol of the service on which it acts. For example, photography can be represented as a professional camera, and going to a restaurant can be a delicious dish, go here free instagram likes .

Let users immediately see that the photo is competitive. To do this, you can designate it with the appropriate inscription: "Draw", "Competition" or something similar. In addition, you can add the page login, date of summing up or user tag.

Of course, all data should not be immediately placed on the image - everything should look extremely organic and appropriate.

Prize. You should not save on this. It can be considered a profitable investment, because a truly high-quality prize is able to attract hundreds of participants.

Clear rules. It is important for the user to understand what is needed from him. It is unacceptable that when choosing, the lucky one will be the owner of the closed page, and although this is necessary, this item was not included in the rules. It is better to distribute the rules into separate paragraphs and paint in understandable language, because most participants only glimpse the rules.

I think that today many are already familiar with such a concept as a smart Instagram feed. If not, then in this article I will tell you what it is. I’ll also tell you how you can trick it and significantly increase the reach of your new posts.

Today, Instagram bloggers are faced with the problem of falling reach, see free instagram likes. This situation happens for everyone. And it seems, on the one hand, Instagram says that this is so that users can view content that they like. And on the other hand, we understand that in this way instagram itself will earn more money, because bloggers will start to throw money on targeted advertising from instagram to increase the coverage of their posts.

By the way, if you want to learn more about how to increase the popularity of your account without bot cheats, as well as gain more than three thousand live subscribers in the first month, then read my article “How to get the first followers on Instagram. ”

So, for starters, we need to figure out what a smart tape is, what it is for and how it works.

Instagram today is growing rapidly. More and more users are appearing. And people in subscriptions now do not have several accounts that they are interested in following, but five hundred or more.

And before, when posts were shown to subscribers as they added, the race began for quantity, not quality. And bloggers, in order to get more coverage, started publishing a lot of low-quality content. Low-quality - because when you publish a lot, you lose the desire to do everything beautifully and well.